Why is the data in the HNA from 2019?

The HNA is comprised of numerous data sources including the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey (ACS) which are all based on earlier (2019) findings. More recent, federal data was not available at the time this report was written. Although a Census was conducted in 2020, release of the data products has been delayed. You can read more about that here and here.

Also, bear in mind that the HNA data, in addition to the housing policy framework review and public engagement, are what guides the development of the HAP. The housing policy framework review evaluates current progress toward meeting the city’s housing element and the effectiveness of housing programs and policies. The public engagement process allows the community-at-large and key stakeholders to speak to the city’s more recent housing trends and needs. 

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1. What is a Housing Action Plan (HAP)?
2. Why are we doing a Housing Action Plan (HAP)?
3. When will the HAP be done?
4. How is the HAP funded?
5. What are the steps for a HAP?
6. Who is representing the community for this effort?
7. What is a Housing Needs Assessment (HNA)?
8. Why is the data in the HNA from 2019?
9. How does the HAP impact future city planning?
10. What are other cities doing for their HAPs?
11. What other planning is the City doing?
12. What are the City’s existing housing policies?
13. What is affordable housing?
14. Will the HAP force Sultan to meet quotas for housing, Section 8, or rent control, or to build low-income housing?
15. Will the HAP address the cost of housing?