Potential Parks & Recreation Levy

  1. Situation of Parks
  2. How a Park Levy Works
  3. Park Information
  4. Future Park Maintenance Needs
  5. Park Levy Options Being Considered

The City wants your input.

The council is considering placing a parks and recreation levy on the ballot for voters in 2024. Before they do that, they want your input.

The City held three open houses on August 22nd, August 29th, and September 9th. You can find the complete slides from the community open house slide information here (PDF): . 

If you missed the open house there is still time to provide your input!

Please take the short survey to provide us your input.

Survey can be found here

Background Information

Since incorporation, the city has been building, maintaining, and improving the parks within the city. Over the years the amount of staff time and projects within the parks has increased.

The city has seven parks that require maintenance and some improvements each year. As the city has grown, the need within parks is growing. These range from community events to organized sporting groups. The city has been able to keep up with the growing needs. Yet we are at a tipping point, where additional staff and resources are needed to not only keep up the maintenance but improve the parks system. 

The challenge is the city has grown by 25% over the last three years, yet the resources to bring in additional staff have not kept pace. In addition to utility team members, the City Clerk, Public Works Director, Operations Manager and Admin. Assistant to Public Works coordinate schedules and attend Alliance and other community meetings. Their attendance pulls them from key projects that are necessary to keep the city running smoothly.

Please visit the additional tabs on this page for more information as follows:

  • How a parks levy works
  • Park information and staffing levels needed
  • Future park maintenance needs
  • Park levy options being considered

  1. Tami Pevey

    City Clerk

  1. Nate Morgan

    Public Works Director