Planning Board Meetings

Public Hearing Notice - Planning Board

No Public Hearings Scheduled for September 2022

Next regularly scheduled meeting will be September 20, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

Planning Board Meetings are at 7:00 p.m. located in City Council Chambers at 319 Main Street, Sultan WA  98294

Planning Board Meeting Calendar


  1. At 7:00 p.m. (or shortly before or after) on Tuesday, please join the Planning Board meeting via computer or phone as shown below and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode to join the meeting. If using the website, the phone number given may be different, please follow prompts given:
    1. Via Computer:  
    2. Phone # (253) 215-8782
    3. Meeting ID:  
    4. Passcode:  
    5. After you enter the meeting ID, if it asks for a passcode, please enter the passcode number, and you will be added to the meeting.
  1. Please mute yourself upon entry to the meeting. When it is the portion of the meeting for Public Comment, your name will be called to speak.  Please unmute yourself and begin speaking.
  1. Please begin your comments by stating your name, city of residence, and any organization represented. 
  1. Please be advised that your comments are being recorded. 

Each speaker is allotted 3 minutes and you will be notified when your time has expired.


To learn more about a project:

  • Call the City of Sultan Community Development Department at 360.793.2231.
  • Review the project file at the Community Development Department at Sultan City Hall, 319 Main Street, Sultan WA.
  • Hours 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily.

To comment on a project:

  • Submit written comments to the Community Development Department via email or mail at the address below. All comments received prior to issuance of a department decision or recommendation will be reviewed. To ensure that comments are addressed in the decision or recommendation, they should be received by the Community Development Department before the end of the comment period.
  • Comments on a project scheduled for a public hearing may be made by submitting then in writing or via email to the Community Development Department prior to the open record hearing or submitting three (3) copies at the hearing or by testifying verbally at the hearing.
  • You may become a party of record for a project by 1) submitting original written comments and request to become a party of record to the City Community Development Department prior to the hearing; 2) testifying at the hearing; or 3) entering your name on a sign-up register at the hearing. NOTE: Only persons who submit written or oral testimony to the permit issuing authority may appeal the decision.

Request for special notice:

A person may request to be provided special notice of a particular application process filed under the provisions of this title by one of the following methods:

  1. Filing a no-cost form provided by the city for the purposes of requesting a special notice.
  2. Providing by letter or email a request for special notice which clearly states:
    1. The requester’s name and contact information.
    2. The specific application of interest in the request.


The Community Development Department for the City of Sultan is located at 319 Main Street, Sultan WA 98294.  For information about the project or to view the project file, contact Andy Galuska, Planning Director, at 360.793.1311 or; Cyd Donk, Assistant Planner at 360.793.1099 or or Mark Bond, Assistant Planner at 360.793.1125 or

Accommodations for people with disabilities will be provided upon request.

Please contact City Hall at 360.793.2231 and allow one-week advance notice.

  • City of Sultan
  • PO Box 1199
  • Sultan, WA  98294-1199