East West Connector

At present, US-2 is the only road connection between the western (downtown) and eastern (Sultan Basin Road) halves of town. Connectivity across town is lost when US2 gets congested at peak times or if the highway becomes blocked. To address this issue, the City is considering constructing additional road connections.

What’s Been Done So Far

In 2020 the City updated its approach to address traffic congestion by adopting a new Transportation Element. The new goals and policies recommend creating additional road connections between the Sultan Basin Road area and downtown. To determine candidate projects, a separate study was completed by a traffic engineering firm that identified the four likeliest routes to construct new connections.

The City Council has asked staff to perform additional outreach with the community before moving ahead. Outreach is scheduled to occur in 2022.

Future Projects and Actions

  • Public Outreach and Open House Meetings in 2022
  • Once the preferred routes are identified, staff will request funds from the City Council to design and build the project.
  • To reduce the cost to local taxpayers, staff will seek available grant funding after specific projects have been identified.

Your Input Matters

The City is asking the community for feedback on how we locate and design these future road connections. Please fill out this short survey and help us to understand the needs and desires of our residents before the City moves forward on possible solutions.

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