US 2 Alternatives Analysis


US2 Corridor Improvements Open House

May 11, 2022, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Location: 319 Main Street 

Thank you to all of the residents that attended the open house. We had over 100 members of the public that stopped by and shared their input on improvements to US-2

For those that could not attend or did not have time to take the survey at the open house, we encourage you to please follow the link below and provide your input. This survey is a vital part of this project moving forward.  The information will help the city determine what improvements to focus on as we move forward.

Survey & Public Input

The city wants your input. You have a couple of ways to engage and share your thoughts.



Project Information

The City has hired a transportation engineering firm to study the entire US-2 corridor to determine the best approach to addressing current and future congestion. This study will confirm if a general approach of removing signalized intersections and constructing roundabouts will provide adequate road capacity for anticipated growth. While this study will not design any specific improvements, it will guide how the city approaches improving US-2.

In developing a plan for Sultan’s transportation system, our consulting traffic engineers identified improvements to the US-2 corridor as the most effective method of reducing congestion. US-2 is a state and federal highway, so we are coordinating with the Washington State Department of Transportation to design and construct improvements to meet the long-term needs for the City and region at large.

What’s Been Done So Far?

In 2020, the City refreshed our approach to addressing traffic congestion by adopting an update to the City’s Transportation Element . Analysis clearly identified the need for additional capacity on US-2 to meet future needs. The City commissioned a corridor study to consider all of the possible options to address the community’s needs. The most likely alternatives are summarized below:

  • 5 Lanes / Signalized Intersections: This approach would widen the highway to five lanes to accommodate two lanes in each direction as well as a shared turn lane. Major intersections would be developed with traffic lights.
    1. Pros: Requires less right-of-way at intersections, allows left turns at more intersections.
    2. Cons: Requires more right-of-way between intersections, signals are less safe than roundabouts.
  • 4 Lanes / Roundabout Intersections: This approach would widen the highway to four lanes and major intersections would be redeveloped with two lane roundabouts.
    1. Pros: Most congestion relief of proposals considered, safer than signalized intersections, less right-of-way required between intersections.
    2. Cons: Requires more right-of-way at intersections.
  • Couplet: This method would construct a second bridge capable of carrying vehicles over the Sultan River and convert the existing Main St and US-2 to alternating one-way streets.
    1. Pros: No additional right-of-way required through downtown.
    2. Cons: Cost of second bridge would be high and may impact River Park. The character of Main Street would change from a local street to a regional connector.

Future Projects and Actions 

Staff will be conducting public outreach throughout 2022 on the US-2 corridor. The first open house is scheduled for May 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers.

Sign up here for City alerts to be contacted about future meetings and events regarding transportation improvements through out the City.

  1. Will Ibershof

    City Administrator
    Phone: 360-793-1149

  2. Andy Galuska

    Community Development Director
    Phone: 360-793-1311

  3. Nate Morgan

    Public Works Director
    Phone: 360-793-2262

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