2020 FEMA Flood Clean Up

February 2020 brought floods to Sultan.The City of Sultan was faced many issues, but two in particular stood out with debris removal at Osprey Park  and  rehabilitation of Susie’s Trail.  FEMA declared these part of the 2020 Flood Event. 

Each of these parks will take tens of thousand of dollars in funds to bring back to original or better repair.  With the declaration from  FEMA, the City of Sultan is eligible to receive reimbursement for our costs.

Osprey Park trails were awash with debris, silt and large trees blocking the trails.

Osprey Bridge with tree

Susie’s Trail had water so high that it was at or above the fence line, as seen in this photo.

Susie's Trail with Debris

Susie's Trail restoration is ongoing through the summer of 2021.