Main Street Sewer Line

As the City grows, the need to improve our utilities expands as well. This became very clear with the sewer line under Main Street, which has reached capacity and needs to be replaced. 

The project will be done in three phases, with the largest phase starting in September of 2020. The current plan is listed below, and the City will post updates as we know more. 

  • Upsizing the sewer main from the intersection of 1st Street and Main Street to the intersection of US-2 and Main Street.
  • Replacing all the side sewers from the new main line to the curb and gutter in the street.
  • Full street overlay of pavement.
  • Replacing any ADA ramps that are not in compliance.

Update 01/28/21

Main Street is now open to traffic. Phase I of the Main Street sewer pipe installation will continue with curb, sidewalk, and gutter repairs. A new layer of asphalt from City Hall to Eighth Street is scheduled for completion by June. Construction on Phase II from First Street to Fourth Street is anticipated to begin late March.

Expect more traffic impacts in the downtown area. Thank you for continuing to support local businesses and for your patience as we upgrade our roads to support our community needs.

Main Street Sewer Phase II project plans and specs are available at the following links: 

Update 10/16/20

September progress for the Main Street Project shows that 3 manholes were removed and replaced and the portion between Third and Fourth Street pipe was laid.  The dewatering and bypassing pumping will continue as the construction crew moves eastward down Main Street. Parking in front of City Hall is now open as well as the west parking lot.  Rolling closures will occur during the latter part of October. Off-street parking is available as indicated in the map provided.Main Street Parking October 16

Update as of 8/19/2020

In June, City staff visited the businesses and residents on Main Street. In speaking with folks, we answered many of the questions on why we are replacing the sewer line. Now as we approach the construction, we want to update you on the timing and where to find out additional information on the project.

In various locations on Main Street there are large signs with a picture of the project. These signs will be updated with smaller signs that will outline the project and when the contractor is expected to reach certain portions of Main Street. In addition, the City will update the website and Facebook on a weekly basis on the project as well.

Below are a few key dates and locations of the project. These dates are subject to weather and how fast the contractor can work on each section of the sewer line.

  • The project will start on September 9, 2020
  • The contractor will start in front of City Hall and work East.
  • The contractor is expected to complete the project the last week of December.
  • Two blocks at a time will be closed off to allow the contractor to work and store equipment. 
  • The contractor is expected to complete a block a week. 
  • Depending on the weather and timing, the road may have a patch on it until it can be fully overlaid in April of next year.

Main Street Sewer Traffic Control Plan Week 1

We understand that a project of this size will have impacts on businesses and residences located on Main Street as well as residents that pass through. Our goal is to communicate clearly and work to lessen these impacts as much as possible. 

Corey Poland will be the inspector on site during construction to resolve any immediate issues you may have. Corey can be reached at 425-367-0518. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the City’s Public Works Director, Nate Morgan, either by phone at 360-793-2262 or by email at