Main Street Sewer Line

When Skyridge Estates on Sultan Basin Road was being approved in 2018, the hydraulic model for sewer showed that the Main Street sewer line was nearing capacity. In order for the development to be approved, the city required the developer to replace a section of Main Street from 4th Street to 8th Street to allow them to move forward on construction of the proposed development.

In 2019 the city continued to receive new development applications and each one continued to add to the Main Street sewer capacity problem. The City has been requiring each development to be responsible for its share of the improvements to the Main Street sewer line and now is the time the work is going to start. We want to let you know what to expect moving forward.

The first steps included  the design of the improvements that are required on the main street sewer line. 

  • Upsizing the sewer main from the intersection 1st Street and Main Street to the intersection of US2 and Main Street.
  • Replacing all the side sewers from the new main line to the curb and gutter in the street.
  • Full street overlay of payment.
  • Replacing any ADA ramps that are not in compliance.

The main street Phase 1 construction will begin in August 2020. At this point the main street sewer replacement will be broken up into 3 different phases, the plans for those phase are available below.   

Phase 1 Plans       Phase 2 Plans           Phase 3 Plans

Main Street Sewer Line Phase Map