Lake 16 Dam

City of Sultan’s water supply comes from our own watershed and Lake 16. Lake 16 was created 70 years ago when the city installed a dam to create a water source up the Sultan Basin. Water is pumped from the lake to our treatment plant and then makes its way to residents and businesses in town.

Producing our own quality drinking water provides a more cost effective way to supply municipal water rather than using the City of Everett’s water supply like many other cities.

Update 10/21/20

The dam reconstruction was completed on October 8th and the process of refilling began.  On Wednesday, October 14th, the City once again used Lake 16 water as their main source to serve the residents of Sultan. 

Lake 16 Dam Rebuild

Update from 8/21/2020:

A few months ago, the City found that the dam was leaking. Over the following weeks, the leaks became significant and the City had to drain the reservoir to identify the scope of the leak. Last week, we began repairs on the leak. (Lake 16 and the City’s water reservoir is separate and not connected to the Culmback Dam and Spada Lake which many residents are familiar with). 

To eliminate the leaks, the contractor is expanding the length and depth of the dam. Below are a couple of images showing the dam before the repairs and during the repairs. The City expects the repairs to be completed by October. 

It is important to City Officials that we continue to provide quality, cost effective drinking water for Sultan residents and businesses. Repairs and maintenance such as these are funded by in part by water rates.

Lake 16 Damage

Dam Photo

Lake 16 Dam During Repair

Dam Repairs