Planning Department Services & Documents

The City of Sultan is pleased to announce we will provide floodplain information upon request.


We maintain a complete library of City of Sultan Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). These maps are available at City Hall, and in the Sultan Sno-Isle Library.

At City Hall we also have topography mapping showing 75% of the City. We have created flood maps that have the following attributes:

  • Base Flood Elevations Mapping in Some Unnumbered a Zones: Shows interpolated flood elevations using best available information
  • LOMA Map: Shows location of all Letters Of Map Amendment, includes case Number
  • Repetitive Flood Loss Map: Showing location of flood losses that equal or exceed $1,000
  • Water Depth: Shows the base flood Elevation in relation to ground Elevation

This information is an incalculable asset helping you meet State and Federal law requirements.


We also maintain a library of Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency publications regarding all aspects of flood damage prevention.

Other Records

The City of Sultan also keeps on record:

  • Conditional Letters of Map Amendment
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Elevation Determinations
  • Letters of Map Amendment
  • Reinstatement Letters

Site Review

We also provide on-site project review; we will meet with and/or your clients at the project site upon request.

Using the adopted Flood Insurance Rate Maps we will determine the Base Flood Elevation and incorporate this information in section B9 of an elevation certificate to be completed by a Washington State Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

We will review all certificates and documents for completeness and accuracy.