Land Use Planning Projects

Current Notices

The City of Sultan will post all projects which require public noticing on this website for the full required notice period at a minimum. If you have any questions or would like to submit comments for any of the projects listed on this page, please call Cyd Donk at 360-793-1099 or email Cyd. All documents submitted for applications under review are available for public inspection at City Hall during regular business hours.

Cobble Hill

5th Avenue Holdings, LLC

Cascade RV Storage DEV19-003

Fire District #5 - New Station DEV19-002

Daisy Meadows - Rezone & Subdivision (PP19-001)

Wyndham Highlands - 1 (PP19-003)

Wyndham Highlands - 2 (PP19-004)

Wyndham Highlands - 3 (PP19-002)

River Pedestrian / Bicycle Bridge Project - Initiated October 2014

This project is to build a new bridge to provide safe passage for pedestrians and non-motorized users (such as bicycles and wheelchairs) across the Sultan River. The bridge will connect Sultan River Park to Sportsman Park while passing over the Sultan River. The Project will also accommodate planned growth within Sultan by providing for upgrades to City-owned water and sewer mains. The City of Sultan water and sewer mains currently cross the Sultan River under the existing U.S. 2 Bridge. The existing mains are at capacity and the bridge cannot accommodate additional or larger mains.

SkyRidge Estate Preliminary Plat (PP2017-001)