Land Use Planning Projects

Current Notices

The City of Sultan will post all projects which require public noticing on this website for the full required notice period at a minimum. If you have any questions or would like to submit comments for any of the projects listed on this page, please call Cyd Donk at 360-793-1099 or email Cyd or Mark at 360-793-1125 or email Mark. All documents submitted for applications under review are available for public inspection at City Hall during regular business hours. Please refer to the City Council Agenda Center for the adopted Resolutions and Ordinances. You may also follow projects submitted after June 14, 2021, here: MyGov Permitting - Sultan Projects

Chapter 9 - Comprehensive Plan Update - CFE

Blue Mountain Meadows - Housing Hope

Sultan Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

Sultan School District - Capital Facilities Plan 

WWTF - Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Facility

SMC 17.08 Flood Damage Prevention Code Update

Daisy Brook Subdivision PP20-003

Daisy Grove Subdivision PP20-002

Sky Valley Transportation Co-Op Facility

Wyndham Highlands - 1 (PP19-003)

Wyndham Highlands - 2 (PP19-004)

Wyndham Highlands - 3 (PP19-002)

Cobble Hill, LLC - Preliminary Plat

Sultan 2019 Transportation Element

SMC Update - Public Hearing for Title 2.26 and 2.27

Vertical Bridge - Cell Tower

SMC Code Updates - Various

HB-1923 - Public Hearing - Planning Board 9.21.2021

Lot Size Averaging - Cluster Subdivision Update             City Council 9.23.2021

AddyJune Short Subdivision SP20-001

SEPA - Snohomish County Solid Waste

SEPA - DCC Propane

SEPA Review - November 20, 2020

Parking Regulations - New Residential Developments

Flood Damage Prevention Code Update SMC17.08

Tortorice Annexation - Public Hearing

Sultan PROS Plan Update

Notice, DNS & SEPA Checklist - August 29, 2020

Sultan Development Code Update

Sultan Main Street Sewer Upgrade

Major Modification Public Hearing - April 16, 2020

O'Reilly Auto Parts Store

Drury Lane - Minor Modification Request

5th Avenue Holdings, LLC

Cascade RV Storage DEV19-003

Fire District #5 - New Station DEV19-002

Daisy Meadows - Rezone & Subdivision (PP19-001)