Land Use Planning Projects

Current Notices

The City of Sultan will post all projects which require public noticing on this website for the full required notice period at a minimum. If you have any questions or would like to submit comments for any of the projects listed on this page, please call Cyd Donk at 360-793-1099 or email Cyd. All documents submitted for applications under review are available for public inspection at City Hall during regular business hours.

Parking Regulations - New Residential Developments

Flood Damage Prevention Code Update SMC17.08

Tortorice Annexation - Public Hearing

Sultan PROS Plan Update

Notice, DNS & SEPA Checklist - August 29, 2020

Sultan Development Code Update

Sultan Main Street Sewer Upgrade

Sultan 2019 Transportation Element

Cobble Hill, LLC - Preliminary Plat

Major Modification Public Hearing - April 16, 2020

O'Reilly Auto Parts Store

Drury Lane - Minor Modification Request

5th Avenue Holdings, LLC

Cascade RV Storage DEV19-003

Fire District #5 - New Station DEV19-002

Daisy Meadows - Rezone & Subdivision (PP19-001)

Wyndham Highlands - 1 (PP19-003)

Wyndham Highlands - 2 (PP19-004)

Wyndham Highlands - 3 (PP19-002)